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Karma Yogis is a Spanish association, founded in 2015, and officially registered in the registry of Andalucian associations. It has its statutes, and a formal bank account. The aim of the association is to aid children in poorer countries with their education. It was founded by different people related to Yoga. One is a Yoga teacher named Ajan, and three of his students. Karma Yogis organize events like yoga classes, stands in craft fayres, donations, etc. and the money collected is used to support the children. At the moment they have two projects on the go: One in India and one in Morocco. Most of the members are people who are related to the world of Yoga. Karma Yogis have a Facebook page “Karma Yogis” and soon the website will be launched.As Ajan says: “This is exclusively for those who would like to serve selflessly for the betterment of the people who are in need, especially children. Let us start small, and let us see where It takes to. Of course there are many groups, organizations and trust already in action, doing many things. Still it’s good to have more group of people coming forward to help others, because there are much and much more awaiting for our support!Our goal is deliver our support directly to the needy. Every single drop counts !”